Kris Kehr


Goodbye Bone…

Bone…Oh Boy, I guess I knew this day was coming but still, it hit me and stopped me in my tracks for a bit. A lot of memories flowed in… The guy was huge in my life and career, a giant. A beacon burned into my psyche even through the years we hadn’t been keeping […]

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The Traveling Seeds and more…

Hey everybody- I’ve been working on a new album, a untitled collection of (at this point) 10 original songs. They’re in the folk-rock tradition of a lot of the Stone Poets material in the past but a bit more stripped down. The songs all come from a personal place and serve as a continuation and […]

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Howdy and Welcome!

Hello, Kris Kehr here. With the help of my friend Bill Sebald I present to you my new, updated website. I’m gonna try to be more succinct and up to date, I do have more freedom now to post things more quickly, which is nice The latest news in my musical world- I’ve recently finished […]

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