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Notes from the Crossroads session photos taken by whoever had the camera in their hand at the time.
These were all taken at The State Theater in Falls Church, VA by C.L. Kunst of Clicks Photography
This was LOWdOGs opening for Railroad Earth at The River Street Jazz Cafe in 2005. That's me & Chris Q with Julie Edlow, Tim Carbone, Andy Goessling and John Skehan sitting in. These photos were taken by Don McGurrin.
Our dear friend Mim has been snapping away in the background very nonchalantly since I've known her in the Recipe days. Here's a few of my favorite moments with a slew of wonderful, wonderful people. Thanks for taking these Mim!
Recipe Daze
Scott Elmquist
Photos by Todd Brunozzi. All Good Festival 2003 and Club Laga, Pittsburgh, PA 2003
These are from all over the place and most have been taken by me. Some have been taken when someone picked up my camera and snapped a few and others have been given to me by people most kind. If unfortunately have used a photo here and not credited someone, please e-mail me so we can correct things.

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