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Just in case anyone’s interested, I now have a ‘My Space” page with 4 tracks to listen/download that aren’t provided here… new song with pal/neighbor/bassist Craig Burkey called “I Want To Go Home” produced in my home studio…-a live version of ‘Long, Long Year” with Julie Edlow accompanying…-The original ‘uncut’ version of “Alaskan Fishing Boat [...]

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April 4th, 2006

Hey Everybody….
Saturday, April 15th I will be performing with Miss Julie Edlow at The Stonersville Hotel at 9PM… check out her myspace site…On Friday, April 21st I’ll be opening for Hexbelt at The Brass Lantern with some help from my friends, namely Craig Burkey & Julie…and hour-long set starting at 9:45 so show up on [...]

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