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April 1st, 2005

Well hello, everybody…

It’s been a little while since I’ve done anything new to this website and I thought it was about time I change that.

As I stated in my last news post way back in September ‘04 I got a new thing going with bassist Chris Q called LOWdOGS and indeed I do. Since September we’ve been playing a whole bunch of different gigs all over the place including one with old pal Joey Mutis III at Godfrey Daniel’s Coffeehouse in Bethlehem, Pa back in October. Thanks to soundman Dave Reichard at Sweetwood Sound we got a gorgeous recording we will release as an EP called “FOOd” before summer kicks in. Currently Q and I have been writing new songs for a studio recording sometime closer to the end of this year. Until then I encourage you to shuffle over to to check some live stuff, photos and the wisdom of Q .

Right now, aside from writing I’ve gotten together an album version of a special solo show I did for friends this past New Years’ Eve called “In The Basement Of The House Of Light” with album graphics. I’ve also put together 5 more volumes of live Stone Poets stuff starting at the beginning of the Poets’ inception and going right to the end…here is Volume Four for now…I’ll get the rest of them up throught the year when I can. They are both free downloads… Enjoy!

Until then get out and see a LOWdOGS show if you can…I’m proud of what Q and I are doing and I think you might enjoy it…

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