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June 27th, 2005

Hey Everybody… If you havn’t noticed, The ” Kris Kehr & Stone Poets ” CD is out-of-print…it’ll probably stay that way, at least for a while…” Spring Mix’ is no longer available so hopefully you’ve already got yours…

In the mean-time I’m working on getting my second solo album finished although there will be no release date for a while…I’ve been writing a bunch of new stuff, some of which I’d like to see included on what I’m still calling ” Love & Architecture “….I’m extremely happy with what I have so far, which is about two-thirds…

It has been a truly weird year of change and I’ve decided to do less road work for the time being and more ‘local’ stuff, which means Western North Carolina… LOWdOGS will be at the Sunrize Festival in Huntington, PA on July 28th & 29th with Julie Edlow but you’ll have to get up early to catch us…Thursday at 1 and Friday at noon…right now their website is wrong…that same weekend on Saturday the 30th , Q and I (and quite possibly Julie) will be on the main stage of CAMP CREEK all day between all the acts, and there is a great line-up, some come hang with our friends at Camp Creek…that’s the last weekend in July…

we’ll be at Zeno’s in State College on Sunday, July 17th as well….

Keep tuning in to my one hour Internet radio show “Black Mountain Underground” on every Monday at noon…also look for a new Stone Poets download here this summer and more live stuff over on … THANKS! Kris

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