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March 8th, 2006

I’ll be doing a solo show at the NE Taproom in Reading this Friday, March 24th…I’ll also be doing a solo acoustic show at The Brass Lantern in Reading, PA on Wednesday, April 5th at 7PM
-I do a solo show every first wednesday of the month at The Brass Lantern..

I’ll be at Zeno’s in State College, PA this coming Wednesday, March 29th with two sets starting at 11 PM after The Andrew Tolens Bluegrass Project..I’ll be with the New Poets Trio which includes Pete Jogo on bass and old cohort Dr. Dave Mudgett on pedal-steel…

Next week Julie Edlow and I will be at our home away from home at The Stonersville Hotel in Birdsboro, PA – Friday, March 31st…9PM

In April we’ll also be at the Sto-Ho Saturday, April 15th at 9PM and Sunday April 30th at 5PM…

Julie & Kris at Stonersville Hotel/Birdsboro, PA. 2/26/06
We will also be doing a live show in studios in Denville, NJ on April 1st which will be broadcast simultaneously on we would LOVE seeing you all there making noise for the folks at home…

Other stuff going on coming up…

Saturday April 29th
Stonersville Hotel/Birdsboro, Pa9PM -me and Craig Burkey (bass)

-and a reminder about my weekly internet radio show on every monday at noon…

Last week I started my two-part look at Neil Young’s new CD “Prairie Wind” is last weeks’s setlist as well as this coming monday’s…ENJOY!

Black Mountain Underground…3/20/06
Neil Young/Good To See You/Silver & Gold – reprise
Neil Young/The Painter/Prairie Wind – reprise
Neil Young/Red Sun/Austin, TX – 5/29/99
Neil Young/No Wonder/Prairie Wind – reprise
Neil Young/Without Rings/Silver & Gold – reprise
Neil Young/Fallin’ Off The Face Of The Earth/Prairie Wind – reprise
Neil Young/Distant Camera/Austin, TX – 5/29/99
Neil Young/It’s A Dream/Prairie Wind – reprise
Neil Young/Daddy Went Walkin’/Morrison, CO – 9/20/00
Neil Young/Far From Home/Prairie Wind – reprise
Neil Young/Buffalo Springfield Again/Morrison, CO – 9/20/00
Neil Young/Prairie Wind/ Prairie Wind – reprise
Neil Young/The Great Divide/Austin, TX – 5/29/99

Black Mountain Underground…3/27/06
Neil Young/Philadelphia/Austin, TX – 5/29/99
Neil Young/Bandit/Greendale – reprise
CSN & Y/Looking Forward/Atlanta, GA – 3/14/00
Neil Young/Here For You/Prairie Wind – reprise
CSN & Y/Slowpoke/Atlanta, GA – 3/14/00
Neil Young/This Old Guitar/Prairie Wind – reprise
Neil Young/Razor Love/Morrison, CO – 9/20/00
Neil Young/He was The King/Prairie Wind – reprise
CSN & Y/Out Of Control/Atlanta, GA – 3/14/00
Neil Young/When God Made Me/Prairie Wind – reprise
Neil Young/Silver & Gold/Silver & Gold – reprise


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