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Just in case anyone’s interested, I now have a ‘My Space” page with 4 tracks to listen/download that aren’t provided here…

-a new song with pal/neighbor/bassist Craig Burkey called “I Want To Go Home” produced in my home studio…

-a live version of ‘Long, Long Year” with Julie Edlow accompanying…

-The original ‘uncut’ version of “Alaskan Fishing Boat Blues” from the “Long, Long Year’ Cabin Sessions with Bill Stetz’ full bass solo included (it was cut at the behest of the co-producer) with STONE POETS, as well as tracks added by Lenny Kravitz bandmates Craig Ross (guitar) and George Laks (keys)

-a live version of the instrumental “Jig’s Jig” performed by Stone Poets and recorded at Crowbar in State College in 3/8/01

I’ll be changing these periodically, plus there’s gig info up there and more stupid pictures…


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