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Chameleon 5/11/06 – photo by Don McGurrin

Howdy All…
A few weeks back Julie & I had the extreme pleasure of performing at a thing called the “Denville Jam” in New Jersey broadcast on HOMEGROWNRADIONJ.COM and hosted by DJ and all-around music fan & friend Video Jeff…the show featured sets by a number of folks including a few of the guys from Railroad Earth in guise as their side-project the Shockenaw Mountain Boys, plus a great keyboard player named Len Mooney

above & below photos by mim – Denville, NJ 5/6/6

During the second half of our set we were joined by Len (keyboards), Tim Carbone (fiddle), John Skehan (mandolin), Andy Goessling (saxophone) and Dave O’Donnell (banjo) for what amounted to a loose and engaging jam with some fine pickers having a good time with our material, and to my ears Julie has never sounded better. In the process we got an interesting recording of the whole thing thanks to the ears and effort of one Mike Partridge, the fine sound engineer for Railroad Earth and tapers Jamie & Jelly Jones.

Those tracks plus others from The Town Pump/Black Mountain, NC, Stonersville Hotel/Birdsboro, PA, HOMEGROWNRADIONJ.COM Studios/Blairstown, NJ and the Balmats’ place in Schnecksville, PA all recorded live during the past year, make up a new Woobie Cat Records “CD-R Only” release called “LIVE” which right now can only be gotten at our live shows or by mailing a check or money order for $12 directly to us(includes shipping & handling) made out to ‘Kris Kehr’ and sent to 21 Club Road/Wernersville, PA 19565….That will change eventually as my webmaster is working on adding it to the merch page on this site.

you can listen to a few of the tracks on Julie’s MYSPACE page right now…

This coming week Julie & I travel to some of our old haunts in North Carolina for two shows and some Hot Springs

Friday the 16th we’ll be outside at East Market Culinary Concepts for a show starting around 7:30… this place has a great line of beers, real good food and one of the most beautiful views from an outside cafe that you could possibly want…

Monday the 19th we are joined by our old pal Chris Q for a show at the famed and infamous Town Pump Tavern for a show starting roughly at 9PM..there will be a (these days) rare set from LOWdOGS. Track #9 from the new ‘LIVE‘ disc was recorded during a LOWdOGS’ set at the Town Pump last year when Julie sat in with us…look for a fun night of jamming….

Some of LOWdOGS’ performance from last years’ OUR Fest is up for download at our MYSPACE page too.

Coming up later this summer is A Bear’s Picnic at Friendship Park in Milton, PA July 21-23rd. Julie and I will do a short set before NRPS’s set on Saturday the 22nd then later be part of the ‘Late Night Jam’ which will most likely include a friend or two, TBA. Beside two nights of NRPS (friday & saturday) other bands that weekend include Dakini, Dark Star Orchestra, Stir Fried & Juggling Suns…..Right now tickets for the weekend only are available online or at The Flystrip located at 12 North Market Street/Selinsgrove, PA p: 570-372-9993…day passes are currently not available…

Here are some photos taken by Don McGurrin when we had the honor of opening for New Riders Of The Purple Sage at The Chameleon Club in Lancaster, PA on 5/11/6 (thanks to our not-seen enough pal Stig…)…I love Dan’s work and you can see more of it by visiting his website and parusing the many bands he’s shot, including an array of ‘Riders shots from later that same evening.

I’d also like to mention the re-emergence of Stone Poets…I sorely miss playing with this great bunch of guys whom I learned so much from and with…Rev. James Harton, John Kennedy, Dr. Dave Mudgett and Jack Wilkinson will accompany me for our first gig out since 2002 at the Four Sisters Winery in Belvidere, NJ on Saturday, August 19th. We’ll be doing a one hour set of old and new stuff sometime before Todd Shaeffer and The John Ginty Band’s sets…it’s all gonna be broadcast live on , and our set is approximately around 5 or 6…I’ll have better details as we get closer to it. And Stone Poets will have more gigs in the future…this is just the first…..

and that is that…


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