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Garcia Grass Winter Run 2011

February 7th, 2011

I just got back from one of the best runs I’ve been on in a long time. Garcia grass played three shows this past weekend, all different and all a LOT of fun. The run started at The Burning Barrel in Ansonia, PA (just outside Wellsboro). We were lucky enough to have Jeff Wisor, fiddler extraordinaire whom I’ve seen many times as part of both David Bromberg’s Quartet and his larger band, sit in with us for about 5 tunes throughout the night. This is the guy who made me want to be a multi-instrumentalist when I saw the Quartet at the Chestnut back in ‘86. Super nice guy, too…The crowd was a mixture of fans, barflies and snow mobile boozers, their sleds lined up out back as we played. A different kind of setting than we may be used to down here in the flatlands, but a great time none-the-less. Our friend Jack Riley made a recording of the night (and actually all three) with 2 mics right against the stage that is absolutely beautiful, many thanks to Jack for following us around this weekend and making some kick-ass recordings.

I’ve taken the time to single out a few tracks from the weekend as well, here’s from 2/4 (friday)

Dark Hollow - Garcia Grass w Jeff Wisor/the Burning Barrel/Ansonia, PA 2/4/11 (recording by Jack Riley)

Deep Elem BluesGarcia Grass w Jeff Wisor/the Burning Barrel/Ansonia, PA 2/4/11 (recording by Jack Riley)

Long Journey HomeGarcia Grass w Jeff Wisor/the Burning Barrel/Ansonia, PA 2/4/11 (recording by Jack Riley)

Here’s the whole show from Archives-

On Saturday the 5th we rolled in to Wellsville, NY and the Wellsville Creative Arts Center in the old Woolworth building on the corner. A great sounding room and a really attentive audience, very supportive and reactive. It was a fairly treacherous ride both there and back to the Cabin in Telescope afterwards, and we even got a shot of the sign in the village of  Gold, PA on the way back, thanks to my rider Mike. Once we got back to the Cabin we jammed til about 4AM in the kitchen, a fine fine whole band jam with just us! very special times…

Here’s Jack’s recording of the Wellsville show

The next morning we slogged ourselves out of there and made it down to the Elk Creek Cafe in Millheim for an afternoon show that somehow drew some folks out even tho the Superbowl was starting.

Here’s Jack’s recording of the Elk Creek Cafe show

This was all a really great time, I’ve posted all the photos (many thanks to Jack Riley, Brett Simpson & Ken Derr) I could find and links to recording of the shows in their entirety, thanks greatly to the work of Jack Riley and Keith Litzenberger. We’re actually working on a collection of live tracks for some kind of future release and I will also be working on a collection for my blog, Black Mountain Underground that will happen well before any releases, so stay tuned…until then, enjoy some of the stuff I left lying around here and we’ll see you soon!



Cabinet - awesome, awesome Scranton/WB newgrass band and home to GG bassist Dylan Skursky and banjoist Pappy Biondo.

Hickory Projecta more ‘dawgesque’ acoustic world-traveling ensemble and home to Anthony Hannigan.

MiZMike Mizwinski plays guitar in GG as well as this vehicle for his original music, a vehicle that I also ride in with my mandolins and guitars.

Brett Simpson Photography

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