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January 21st, 2003

hey everybody..

YES, i do check in here…as a matter af fact, this site is about to be overhauled…it case you dont already know, ive joined The Recipe ( OR and have moved to north carolina with the rest of the band..we tour extensively and i love it like my mother…check back in here in a few weeks…i have THREE new Stone Poets cds coming out (one studio, 2 live) that will be available only here and on the merch table at recipe shows, with the exception of a selected few stores in the state college area.

Ill still check in with an acoustic show from time to time at zenos in state college, in the wake of the stone poets breaking up, i helped form a band called The Porch Poets who play when the Recipe is on hiatus…we just played a series of gigs which included a set in Atlanta with Rev. Jeff Mosier and Count Umbutu and an incredible private party in the poconos with our great friends the PUN! HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAM!!! ill have downloads of some of that stuff up soon….

i appreciate everyone checking in and caring…and a big CONGRATULATIONS to former Stone Poet Kelly Countermine on her impending nuptuals! good luck..

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