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Howdy folks….

Work continues on the new studio album of my songs. For the past 6 or 7 years I’ve been collecting tracks to songs on a transportable muilti-track digital recorder. They started mostly as drumless acoustic basics but gradually I’ve added a varying amount of overdubs. In 2002 Stone Poets recorded several nice basic tracks at Bob Klotz Audio outside of State College, PA. I’ve taken both the mobile tracks and the Klotz session racks to Amoeba Sound Studios in Lobachsville, PA and placed them in the hands of an old friend Bruce Seikman whose studio it is. The kind folks at recently interviewed Bruce about his studio and work which you can watch HERE. All these tracks have been loaded onto the hard drive at Amoeba to be completed and polished.

There are still a few songs I want included but have no basics for yet. Over Easter weekend I’m headed to the mountains with the mobile unit to get the basics while I stare at the trees, then bring them back home and add them to the pile at Bruces. At that point I’ll finish all the vocals get the remainder of overdubs needed to round things out. HOPEFULLY Bruce, Jack (Bruces’ assistant engineer) and yours truly will be in the mixing room by the end of May.

Since I’ve started this project I’ve collected performances from all the guys in the ‘Poets – JK/upright & electric bass, Rev. James Harton/organ & electric piano & accordian, Dr. Dave Mudgett/pedal-steel & Jack Wilkinson/drums, as well as tracks from two former Poets Bill Stetz/upright bass and Todd Bartolo/lap-steel.

Most recently I had the pleasure of adding drum and percussion tracks from Matt Cullen to at least half of the songs. Matt adds color, depth and groove and can be heard explaining his craft Here in an interview for the newest installment of

No official release date yet but I’d like to see it done before we get far into summer…I’ll keep you posted.


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