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Otto’s This Week

May 19th, 2007

Hey everybody…

Here’s what’s going on in the coming weeks-

First, a quick heads up on a last minute booking for this week. ACOUSTIC POETS will fill in for The King Cotton Rounders in their usual Thursday night slot this week at Otto’s Pub & Brewery in State College, PA (5/24). We share a common bassist (John Kennedy) and are only too happy to help out our old friends. Dr. Dave Mudgett will also be there on steel and what-not as will The Rev on various keys…should be fun, no cover..

You might remember the Cottons’ mandolin/banjo/guitarist Dave Defilippis (Brewery Dave to some) who has mixed some wonderful sound for STONE POETS and JAWBONE (and other projects as well) back in the day, some of which are on display here in our Listening area. And speaking of listening, go to The King Cotton Rounders myspace page and give ‘em a listen…good stuff, kinda like early acoustic Uncle Tupelo but more instrumentally accomplished. And they write, too, something that seems to be (thankfully) finding a stronger footing up in State College these days. Check out what’s going on at the newly renovated State Theater up there…top notch.

Also new in State College-
KRIS KEHR & STONE POETS and The King Cotton Rounders will be only a small part of the inaugural run of a new festival devoted to original music called The Summer’s Best Music Fest over the weekend of June 29th, 30th & July 1st. STONE POETS play at 6:30 PM on the Central Parklet Performance Stage on Saturday the 30th. The Cottons also play 6/30, but at 2 PM on the Allen Street Stage. The festival is free with a few stages scattered around town…as soon as I get more info, line-up or better website on the whole thing I’ll post it up.

This coming Saturday, May 5th , John (JK) Kennedy and I will pull into Clyde’s of Columbia, MD (right next to Merriweather Post Pavillion) for two sets of acoustic music starting at 9 PMno cover.

Next Friday, June 1st Julie Edlow & I will play at a new venue for us just outside of Reading, PA called Berties outside on the deck, or inside if it rains. 7 – 10 PMno cover

Wednesday, June 6th I’ll be doing two sets of solo acoustic music at The Brass Lantern in Reading, PA starting at 8 PM.

Julie & I return to The Stonersville Hotel in Birdsboro, PA on Friday, June 8th at 9 PM - no cover

ACOUSTIC POETS are back at Otto’s Pub & Brewery in State College on Saturday, June 16th at 9 PM…

On Thursday, June 21st it’s back to Clydes in Columbia, MD with Julie this time. We play outside at 5 PM while the Columbia Festival of the Arts is going on next door.

STONE POETS return to The Brass Lantern in Reading, PA on Saturday, June 23rd at 10PM. It will be the full 5-piece Poets with everyone and maybe even some guest vocals and what-not…

There’s plenty more happening through the summer, be sure to hit the ‘DATES‘ tab here on to see what’s further down the line.

And don’t forget to tune into Black Mountain Underground every Monday at noon streaming at WWW.HOMEGROWNRADIONNJ.COM- below are some setlists for the coming weeks…

Have a good one!

5/21/07 airdate
Black Mountain Underground 91 – Tom Waits LIVE ‘99

1) IN>
2) Tom Waits/Earth Died Screaming/Florence, Italy – 6/23/99
3) Tom Waits/Eyeball Kid/Florence, Italy – 6/23/99
4) Tom Waits/Goin’ Out West/Austin, TX – 3/20/99
5) Tom Waits/Heart Attack & Vine/Austin, TX – 3/20/99
6) Tom Waits/In The Coliseum/Florence, Italy – 6/23/99
7) Tom Waits/Innocent When You Dream/Austin, TX – 3/20/99
8) Tom Waits/Jockey Full Of Bourbon/Austin, TX – 3/20/99
9) Tom Waits/intro>Strange Weather/Burbank Airport – 4/1/99
10) Tom Waits/Temptation/Austin, TX – 3/20/99
11) Tom Waits/intro>Picture In A Frame/Burbank Airport – 4/1/99
12) Tom Waits/Come On Up To The House/Austin, TX – 3/20/99
13) OUT>

-here is a collection of just a few of the high points of Waits’ 1999 tour, including outtakes from his “Unplugged” sessions (Burbank Airport) with a few good stories – all above average SBD recordings.

5/28/07 airdate
Black Mountain Underground 92

1) IN>
2) The Byrds/You Don’t Miss Your Water>Hickory Wind/Italy – 5/2/68
3) Emmylou Harris/Goodbye/Wrecking Ball Demos – 1995
4) Joni Mitchell/Hunter (The Good Samaritan)/’Original’ Blue – 1971
5) Cowboy Junkies/Escape Is So Simple/Boston – 4/30/89
6) Roger McGuinn & Tom Petty/Hey Mr. Tambourine Man/LIVE – unreleased
7) Grateful Dead/Me & Bobby Magee/Portland, OR – 7/19/74
8) John Lennon/Mind Games/Alternate – 1973
9) CSNY/Everybody’s Alone/Studio Archives – 1969
10) Van Morrison & The BBC Orchestra/Haunts Of Ancient Peace/Scotland – 8/6/95
11) The Band/Atlantic City/Norway – 5/27/94
12) Johnny Cash/City Of New Orleans/Manchester, UK – 9/3/73
13) Bob Dylan/Restless Farewell/Shrine Aud, LA- 11/19/95
14) OUT>

-some live Byrds w Gram in the band is a precursor to the upcoming three-part tribute to The Byrds LIVE during the ‘Clarence’ era (scroll down to # 95 for more on that) There’s also a Neil Young song from the CSN&Y studios demos that is new to my ears, as well as Bob Dylan singing a request to Frank Sinatra on his birthday that he never sings otherwise.

6/4/07 airdate
Black Mountain Underground 93

1) IN>
2) Johnny Cash/Wichita Lineman/Unearthed – american
3) Neil Young & Crazy Horse/Wonderin’/Fillmore West – 3/6/70
4) Frank Sinatra/Fly Me To The Moon/White House – 4/17/73
5) JGB Reconstruction/Dear Prudence/Keystone – 7/8/79
6) Jerry Lee Lewis/Why You Been Gone So Long/Santa Monica, CA – 9/29/06
7) Tom Rush/Urge For Going/Central Park – 8/12/72
8) Joni Mitchell/In France They Kiss On Main Street/Hissing Demos – 1975
9) Sarah Vaughn/I Could Write The Book/Rosie’s, New Orleans – 5/31/78
10) Thelonious Monk/Don’t Blame Me/Bremen – 3/8/65
11) Willie Nelson/All Of Me/Camden, NJ – 9/30/06
12) Warren Zevon/The Ballad Of Boom Boom Mancini/Houston- 6/18/86
13) Grateful Dead/Money Money/Portland, OR- 5/19/74
14) Van Morrison & The BBC Orcestra/Your Mind Is On Vacation/Scotland – 8/6/95
15) Ray Charles/Don’t Change On Me/Switzerland- 7/1/86
16) OUT>

-Frank Sinatra sings for Nixon! …this White House performance is one of my all-time favorites..listen to how small the crowd is at the end, and don’t forget to notice how bitchin’ the US Marine Band is backing up Ole Blue Eyes…

6/11/07 airdate
Black Mountain Underground 94 – WAR I

1) IN>
2) Bob Dylan/World Gone Wrong/World Gone Wrong – columbia
3) Woody Guthrie/Sally, Don’t You Grieve/Buffalo Skinners – folkways
4) The Carter Family/Dying Soldier/Memphis – 5/24/30
5) Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band/Two Soldiers/Lunt-Fontanne – 10/31/87
6) John Prine/Flag Decal/5th Peg/Chicago – 8/70
7) John Gorka/Brown Shirts/Temporary Road – high street
8) Steve Earle/Condi, Condi/Kate Wolf Festival – 6/24/06
9) Emmylou Harris & The Nash Ramblers/Hard Life Medley/At The Ryman – reprise
10) The Byrds/He Was A Friend Of Mine/Fillmore West – 1/4/70
11) Richard Shindell/Waist Deep In The Big Muddy/Vuelta – koch
12) Bob Dylan/John Brown/Sony Studios NYC – 11/18/94
13) Steve Earle & The Dukes/Rich Man’s War/Berlin – 12/7/04
14) JJ Cale & Eric Clapton/When This War Is Over/Road To Escondido – reprise
15) Neil Young/Comin’ Apart At Every Nail/Hawks & Doves – reprise
16) OUT>

6/18/07 airdate
Black Mountain Underground – WAR II

1) IN>
2) Pink Floyd/Get Your Filthy Hands Off My Desert/The Final Cut – columbia
3) Tom Waits/Road To Peace/Orphans – myspace
4) Ricki Lee Jones/Tell Somebody/The Evening Of My Best Day – v2 ada
5) JJ Cale/The Problem/To Tulsa & Back – sanctuary
6) John Lee Hooker/I Don’t Want To Go To Vietnam/Simply The Truth – one way
7) Sly & The Family Stone/It Won’t Be Long/Fillmore East – 10/5/68
8) James Brown/Funky President/Star Time – polydor
9) Jimi Hendrix/Machine Gun/Isle Of Wight – 8/30/70
10) Neil Young/Let’s Impeach The President/Living With War – reprise
11) The Rolling Stones/Gimme Shelter/San Jose – 4/20/99
12) John Lennon/Make Love Not War/alternate – 1973
13) OUT>

-I’m not usually one to force ideology down anybody’s throat, but in the process of collecting tracks for this show on my hard drive I started to notice an influx of songs with some kind of ‘conflict’ theme, so I put them together and had (more than) 2 solid shows. Of course there’s plenty more great stuff in this category out there but these were obvious and some of my all-time favorites, especially the new Waits’ song and anything from the much under appreciated “Final Cut’ from the Floyd.

6/25/07 airdate
Black Mountain Underground 95 – The Byrds Live V1

1) IN>
2) The Byrds/Time Between/Avalon Ballroom – 11/2/68
3) The Byrds/Drug Store Truck Drivin’/Avalon Ballroom – 11/2/68
4) The Byrds/Nashville West/Boston – 2/22/69
5) The Byrds/intro>Lay, Lady Lay/Boston – 2/22/69
6) The Byrds/Way Beyond The Sun/Boston – 2/22/69
7) The Byrds/Old Blue/Boston – 2/22/69
8) The Byrds/Tulsa County Blue>Hey Mr. Spaceman/Boston, Mass – 2/22/69
9) The Byrds/It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue/Boston – 2/22/69
10) The Byrds/Get Out My Life, Woman/Boston – 2/22/69
11) The Byrds/Goin’ Back/Boston – 2/22/69
12) The Byrds/Take A City Bride/Ashegrove, LA – 5/23/69
13) The Byrds w John Hammond/I’m Moving On/Ashegrove, LA – 5/23/69
14) The Byrds/Soldiers’ Joy>Black Mountain Rag/Oberlin, OH – 1970
15) The Byrds/Take A Whiff On Me/Oberlin, OH – 1970
16) The Byrds/Hey, Mr. Tambourine Man/Oberlin, OH – 1970
17) The Byrds/You Don’t Miss Your Water/Fillmore West – 1/4/70
18) The Byrds/Chimes Of Freedom/Fillmore West – 2/8/69
19) OUT>

-This begins the 3 part look at The BYRDS in their ‘Clarence White’ era, often under appreciated. Clarences’ guitar style influenced many, especially his acoustic playing in the Kentucky Colonels (Tony Rice not only copped a good bit of his guitar persona from Clarence but also proudly tours with his modified Martin). Clarence Whites’ electric playing is something else entirely..he developed a trippy country style that just soars in these tracks and was snuffed out way too early by one of my biggest fears, being hit by a car while loading the car after a gig. But it is not just Clarence that makes this stuff incredible..the band knows each other and plays like they do. Look for the final 2 installments of this in the following 2 weeks.

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