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June 11th, 2007
Hey everybody..

I hope everybody’s having a great summer so far…mine is swell. I got tickets to Dylan next month, the album is in the mix-down phase and there are a bunch of good gigs on the horizon…

First off, Acoustic Stone Poets will be back at our new regular monthly gig, Otto’s Pub and Brewery on Atherton Street in State College on Saturday, June 16th (Dr. Dave’s birthday). There is no cover, they have great food and beer and as of June 1st the place is smoke-free. Less out-loud gabbing, too…you will like

Thursday, June 21st
Julie & I will be back at Clydes of Columbia (Maryland, next to Merriweather Post). Clydes is hosting an outdoor series that starts at 5PM just behind the place. no cover, great food…

Saturday, June 23rd
sees the return of Kris Kehr & Stone Poets to The Brass Lantern in Reading, PA. The complete five-piece version of the band will be doing a good portion of the new album and we might even get Julie to sit in on a few. Showtime is 10 PM, $5 cover.

On June 30th Kris Kehr & Stone Poets will perform a one hour set at The Summer’s Best Music Fest in downtown State College, PA. Check out their website for all the great music they have happening through out the weekend, but I can tell you we’ll be at the Central Parklet stage at 6PM. All the events are free to the public and geared towards original music. A great thing for the State College scene and we are most honored to be a part of it.

I return to Berties outside of Reading, PA for my final performance on the deck on Saturday, July 7th. I’ll be with Craig Burkey (bass) and the show starts at 7PM…there is no cover.

On Wednesday, July 11th I return to The Brass Lantern for a solo acoustic engagement at 8PM…no cover.

On Friday, July 13th Bill Stetz and myself are playing at a campout hosted by our wonderful friends The Balmats. They have some wooded property outside of Bloomsburg, PA and are graciously inviting you all to come camp out for the night and enjoy two sets of music from Bill Stetz and myself. There will be a $20 donation to cover costs- generators, port-o-john, etc and the first set will happen somewhere around 6PM. If you are interested, e-mail to t
his address for directions and more info. Rough camping, BYOB.

The next night, July 14th, Burkey and I are back at The Stonersville Hotel at 9PM, no cover.

Like I
mentioned before, the new album, tentatively titled “Notes From The Crossroads” is in the mix-down phase. I’ve been working on these songs for about 6 years now. It started as a new Stone Poets record in early 2002. We began recording tracks both at Bob Klotz’s studios and later at JK’s house with former co-producer Tom Edmonds but the sessions quickly fell apart, as did many other things before I left town with The Recipe later that year. While in The Recipe I continued to write songs and record basic tracks on my ADAT while not touring. It was not until late last year that I took a few of the Klotz’ tracks (which are great basic Stone Poets tracks) and everything from my home ADATS I had done since 2002 and dumped it onto the hard drive of Bruce Seikmann at Amoeba Sound Studios in New Jerusalem, PA near where I grew up, and finish things up. There are many guests on the record besides the guys in the Poets, most notably drummer/percussionist extraordinaire Matt Cullen and Julie Edlow on background vocals. There are 15 tracks- over an hour of music. It is still pretty much a Stone Poets album although there are some tracks without a band and plenty of things that are arranged atypically from what the Poets tend to do. I’m confident Bruce & Jack over at Amoeba have helped me create a nicely layered and multi-textured collection of songs, most of them written from the crouch position in life. They are about as personal for me as music can be and I am very proud of it. I’ll keep everyone posted on the project as it comes to a close and is available.

Also, a
s always don’t forget to tune into my weekly radio program ‘Black Mountain Underground‘ on every Monday at noon. Below are the next few weeks of setlists

See Ya!


Black Mountain Underground – 94 WAR V1

6/11/07 airdate

  1. IN>
  2. Bob Dylan/World Gone Wrong/World Gone Wrong – columbia
  3. Woody Guthrie/Sally, Don’t You Grieve/Buffalo Skinners– folkways
  4. The Carter Family/Dying Soldier/Memphis – 5/24/30
  5. Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band/Two Soldiers/Lunt-Fontanne – 10/31/87
  6. John Prine/Flag Decal/5th Peg/Chicago – 8/70
  7. John Gorka/Brown Shirts/Temporary Road– high street
  8. Steve Earle/Condi, Condi/Kate Wolf Festival – 6/24/06
  9. Emmylou Harris & The Nash Ramblers/Hard Life Medley/At The Ryman– reprise
  10. The Byrds/He Was A Friend Of Mine/Fillmore West – 1/4/70
  11. Richard Shindell/Waist Deep In The Big Muddy/Vuelta – koch
  12. Bob Dylan/John Brown/Sony Studios NYC – 11/18/94
  13. Steve Earle & The Dukes/Rich Man’s War/Berlin– 12/7/04
  14. JJ Cale & Eric Clapton/When This War Is Over/Road To Escondido– reprise
  15. Neil Young/Comin’ Apart At Every Nail/Hawks & Doves– reprise
  16. OUT>

Black Mountain Underground – 94B – WAR V2

6/18/07 airdate

  1. IN>
  2. Pink Floyd/Get Your Filthy Hands Off My Desert/The Final Cut – columbia
  3. Tom Waits/Road To Peace/Orphans – myspace
  4. Ricki Lee Jones/Tell Somebody/The Evening Of My Best Day – v2 ada
  5. JJ Cale/The Problem/To Tulsa & Back – sanctuary
  6. John Lee Hooker/I Don’t Want To Go To Vietnam/Simply The Truth – one way
  7. Sly & The Family Stone/It Won’t Be Long/Fillmore East– 10/5/68
  8. James Brown/Funky President/Star Time – polydor
  9. Jimi Hendrix/Machine Gun/Isle Of Wight – 8/30/70
  10. Neil Young/Let’s Impeach The President/Living With War – reprise
  11. The Rolling Stones/Gimme Shelter/San Jose – 4/20/99
  12. John Lennon/Make Love Not War/alternate – 1973
  13. OUT>

Black Mountain Underground – 95 – The Byrds Live V1

6/25/07 airdate

  1. IN>
  2. The Byrds/Time Between/Avalon Ballroom – 11/2/68
  3. The Byrds/Drug Store Truck Drivin’/Avalon Ballroom – 11/2/68
  4. The Byrds/Nashville West/Boston – 2/22/69
  5. The Byrds/intro>Lay, Lady Lay/Boston – 2/22/69
  6. The Byrds/Way Beyond The Sun/Boston – 2/22/69
  7. The Byrds/Old Blue/Boston – 2/22/69
  8. The Byrds/Tulsa County Blue>Hey Mr. Spaceman/Boston, Mass – 2/22/69
  9. The Byrds/It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue/Boston – 2/22/69
  10. The Byrds/Get Out My Life, Woman/Boston – 2/22/69
  11. The Byrds/Goin’ Back/Boston – 2/22/69
  12. The Byrds/Take A City Bride/Ashegrove, LA – 5/23/69
  13. The Byrds w John Hammond/I’m Moving On/Ashegrove, LA – 5/23/69
  14. The Byrds/Soldiers’ Joy>Black Mountain Rag/Oberlin, OH – 1970
  15. The Byrds/Take A Whiff On Me/Oberlin, OH – 1970
  16. The Byrds/Hey, Mr. Tambourine Man/Oberlin, OH – 1970
  17. The Byrds/You Don’t Miss Your Water/Fillmore West – 1/4/70
  18. The Byrds/Chimes Of Freedom/Fillmore West – 2/8/69
  19. OUT>

Black Mountain Underground – 96 – The Byrds Live V2

7/2/07 airdate

  1. IN>
  2. The Byrds/Welcome Back Home/Stockton, CA – 9/20/70
  3. The Byrds/You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere/Bloomfield, NJ – 10/24/70
  4. The Byrds/You All Look Alike/Washington, DC – 4/18/70
  5. The Byrds/Truck Stop Girl/Stockton, CA – 9/20/70
  6. The Byrds/Pretty Boy Floyd/Fillmore East – 6/9/71
  7. The Byrds/Positively Fourth Street/Fillmore West– 1/4/70
  8. The Byrds/Jamaica Say You Will/Fillmore East – 6/9/71
  9. The Byrds/Lover Of The Bayou/Rochester, NY – 11/7/70
  10. The Byrds/Feel A Whole Lot Better/Fillmore West – 1/4/70
  11. The Byrds/Eight Miles High/Fillmore East – 6/9/71
  12. The Byrds/So You Wanna Be A Rock-N-Roll Star/Fillmore West – 1/4/70
  13. The Byrds/Hold It/Fillmore West – 1/4/70
  14. OUT>

Black Mountain Underground – 97 – The Byrds Live V3

7/9/07 airdate

  1. IN>
  2. The Byrds/King Apathy III/Fillmore West – 2/7/69
  3. The Byrds/This Wheel’s On Fire/Norfolk, VA – 1970
  4. The Byrds/Tiffany Queen/Washington, DC – 9/12/71
  5. The Byrds/Citizen Kane/Washington, DC – 9/12/71
  6. The Byrds/It’s Alright Ma/Bloomfield, NJ – 10/24/70
  7. The Byrds/Ballad Of Easy Rider/Stockton, CA – 9/20/70
  8. The Byrds/My Back Pages>Baby What You Want Me To Do/Rochester, NY – 11/7/70
  9. The Byrds/I Wanna Grow Up To Be A Politician/Washington, DC – 9/12/71
  10. The Byrds/Willin/Amsterdam – 7/7/70
  11. The Byrds/Long Black Veil/Boston – 2/22/69
  12. The Byrds/Close Up The Honky Tonk/Fillmore West– 2/8/70
  13. The Byrds/I Trust/Norfolk, VA – 1970
  14. The Byrds/Chestnut Mare/Fillmore East – 6/9/71
  15. The Byrds/Hickory Wind/Avalon Ballroom – 11/2/68
  16. The Byrds/Sing Me Back Home/Boston – 2/22/69
  17. The Byrds/Amazing Grace/Washington, DC – 4/18/70
  18. OUT>

Black Mountain Underground – 98

7/16/07 airdate

  1. IN>
  2. John Prine/Spanish Pipedream/5th Peg-Chicago – 8/70
  3. Johnny Cash/Country Boy/Country Style USA – 1958
  4. Warren Zevon/Factory/Houston, TX – 6/18/86
  5. Tom Petty/I Won’t Back Down/Irving Plaza, NYC – 4/11/99
  6. Steve Earle/Now She’s Gone/Kate Wolf Festival – 6/24/6
  7. Bob Dylan/Oh, Sister/WTTW-TV Chicago – 9/10/75
  8. Emmylou Harris & Daniel Lanois/Prayer In Open D/Shephard’s Bush – 11/23/95
  9. Joni Mitchell/Harry’s House/Hissing Demos – 1975
  10. Jim Croce/Operator/Palantine, Ill – 2/2/73
  11. Leonard Cohen/Bird On A Wire/BBC Paris Theater – 1968
  12. Townes Van Zandt/Rex’s Blues/Germany – 4/89
  13. Tony Rice/Church Street Blues/Telluride, CO – 6/23/85
  14. Barenberg, Douglas & Meyer/Big Sciota/Hickory, NC – 10/20/95
  15. Hedges, Marshall & Angor/Funky Avacado/Cotati Caberet – 5/24/84
  16. Leo Kottke/Eight Miles High/Cologne, GER – 1/11/77
  17. Jerry Garcia & John Kahn/Sing Me Back Home/Portland, OR – 6/4/82
  18. John Prine/Goodbye, So Long/5th Peg-Chicago – 8/70
  19. OUT>

Black Mountain Underground – 99

7/23/07 airdate

  1. IN>
  2. Crosby, Stills & Nash/How Have You Been/Studio Archives – 1969
  3. Barenberg, Douglas & Meyer/Hymn Of Ordinary Motion/Hickory, NC – 10/20/95
  4. Norah Jones/Come Away With Me/Hamburg, GER – 10/18/02
  5. Grateful Dead/Row Jimmy/Spectrum – 8/13/87
  6. Townes Van Zandt/Billy, Boney & Ma/No Deeper Blues – sugar hill
  7. Emmylou Harris & Daniel Lanois/Poncho & Lefty/Shephard’s Bush – 11/23/95
  8. Bob Dylan/Desolation Row/Sydney, AUS – 4/13/66
  9. Doc & Merle Watson/Windy & Warm/Washington, DC – 3/1/73
  10. Jerry Garcia & John Kahn/Russian Lullaby/Portland, OR – 6/4/82
  11. Crosby, Stills & Nash/Almost Cut My Hair/Studio Archives – 1969
  12. OUT>

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