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Hey Everybody-

I hope everybody’s staying cool. I am in the process of moving into my house for the first time, complete with downstairs studio and so Woobie Cat Productions finally comes home. If only Woobie made it to see, but he made it 17 years and that ain’t bad for a cat. Lots of other things came and went during that time, including my music career, although it’s come back a hair. But it hasn’t been without it’s complications, I started off the year spending an awful lot of money and time learning the music of Mike Mizwinski for his 5-piece Miz project only to be replaced with the guy who’s producing the album halfway through the recording. I’m saying this here only because there has been no formal announcement from the band and the audience is not stupid or there to be disrespected and so I’m telling you what happened...onward….Garcia Grass started off the year promising but took a back seat to other things in the spring, but as the year rolls on more is popping up with some pretty sweet festival appearances listed dowb below on the schedule.

I also have a few shows on the books with a ‘Bluegrass Trio’, a direct hearkening back to the days of the Hot Trio, an early bluegrass version of Stone Poets with Bill Stetz on upright in the mid-90’s. That time it was Charley Rury on fiddle, this time it’s Anthony Hannigan from Hickory Project and who also plays in Garcia Grass. I will eventually come up with a name for that group but until then when you see ‘Bluegrass Trio’ or ‘KKT’ on the schedule you know that it’s me, Bill & Anthony playing acoustic music; some original, some not but all exciting and earthy. I’m also playing a bunch with a great guy and awesome frailing banjo guy Joel Henry. I’ve been helping him work on his album for a while now (which is about to come out) and did a gig together last month at Building 24 in Reading. We return there this coming Thursday and will be circling back in there on a regular basis. Same with my solo show and Reverb and the Hitching Post, both awesome and both also in Reading, PA. It’s looking to be a good summer.

As I’ve been packing for the big move I’ve been going though some of the Woobie Cat Archives storage and started listening to a series of recordings of Kris Kehr & Stone Poets from the first couple years we played together, even before we even had a name for that band. The first tape from ‘97 was labeled’ Band’ and I didn’t mean that in a Levon kind-of-way. These tapes are something special to me personally, moments of development and achievement that illuminate the present for me, and perhaps point toward the future a bit as well. I transferred, mastered and edited each one using some mastering tools like EQ and some compression as well as cutting out silence between songs and just generally tightening things up before uploading them to the Archives as whole shows rather than cutting them into live album collections as I did with a some of this material in the past. It’s kinda easy to picture the inside of some of the better-known music bars of State College in the late 90’s with these recordings and a set of headphones, if you were there I recommend it. If you were not you will hear the best of that bands’ performances from Zeno’s Pub, The Phyrst, Crowbar, Cafe 210 and even a private biker party mixed by Tom Edmonds, the mixing wiz who produced ‘Long, Long Year’ and has been Lenny Kravitz’ house sound mixer for years. I tried to find first the best sounding, best played shows but also tried to include the key moments for us when I could. Below are links to the first 7 in the series and below that you’ll find the summer schedule. The schedule will change as time rolls on, so check back…thanks!


Kris Kehr & Stone Poets – Zeno’s Pub – 9/11/97 – wcb-001

Kris Kehr & Stone Poets – Zeno’s Pub – 7/9/98 – wcb-002

Kris Kehr & Stone Poets – Hooter’s Party – 5/23/98 – wcb-003

Kris Kehr & Stone Poets – Cafe 210 – 4/20/99 – wcb-004

Kris Kehr & Stone Poets – Crowbar – 9/29/99 – wcb-005

Kris Kehr & Stone Poets – Phyrst – 9/16/99 – wcb-006

Kris Kehr & Stone Poets – Zeno’s Pub – 7/23/98 – wcb-007

02 – Thursday – Building 24 with banjoist Joel Henry/Blues & Old-Time Show – 8PM
05 – Sunday – Solo @ Zeno’s Pub/State College, PA 9PM
08 – Wednesday – w drummer percussionist Matt Cullen @ Reading Phillies Stadium Cafe (before the game)
12 – Sunday – Solo @ Zeno’s Pub/State College, PA 9PM
17 – Friday – Kris & Julie Kehr @ Liederkrantz/Reading, PA
19 – Sunday – Solo @ Zeno’s Pub/State College, PA 9PM
26 – Sunday – Solo @ Zeno’s Pub/State College, PA 9PM
09 – Saturday – The Hitching Post/Reading, PA – 8PM (outside if nice)
10 – Sunday – Solo @ Zeno’s Pub/State College, PA 9PM
17 – Sunday – Solo @ Zeno’s Pub/State College, PA 9PM
22 -Friday – KKT private party/State College, PA
23 – Saturday – Garcia Grass at Summer Series/Island Park, NY
24 – Sunday – Solo @ Zeno’s Pub/State College, PA 9PM
29 – Friday – Kris Kehr w Bill Stetz & Anthony Hannigan @ Liederkrantz/Reading, PA
30 – Saturday – bluegrass trio private party/Jim Thorpe, PA
05 – Friday – Garcia Grass 2 Jerry Fest/Mainstage before Jam Stampede
07 – Sunday – Solo @ Zeno’s Pub/State College, PA 9PM
12 – Friday – The Hitching Post/Reading, PA – 8PM
14 – Sunday – Solo @ Zeno’s Pub/State College, PA 9PM
20 – Saturday – private party
21 – Sunday – Solo @ Zeno’s Pub/State College, PA 9PM
28 – Sunday – Garcia Grass @ Kynd Roots/Poyntelle, PA – noon-1:45
28 – Sunday – Solo @ Zeno’s Pub/State College, PA 9PM
04 – Sunday – Solo @ Zeno’s Pub/State College, PA 9PM
10 – Saturday – Garcia Grass @ Kempton Jamfest/Kempton, PA – 5-7:30PM
11 – Sunday – Garcia Grass @ Meeting of the Minds – noon-2
14 – Wednesday – Solo open for Good Lovin’ Jam band @ Reading Phillies Stadium
18 – Sunday – Solo @ Zeno’s Pub/State College, PA 9PM
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