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Hey Everybody...

STONE POETS will visit our friends at The Wellsville Creative Arts Center in Wellsville, NY this coming Saturday, August 28th. The 5 piece band will play 2 sets of songs from Kris’s three albums plus selections from the soon-to-be-released new album, ‘Hereandthere’ and a few others I’m sure. Last year close to this time Kris & Julie christened the Center performing at it’s inaugural house concert, some of which made it’s way to youtube thanks to one of the many great members of the crowd that evening. Wellsville is tucked away in central upstate New York just north of the Pennsylvania border and just west of Ithaca, near Alfred University. The sound is impeccable and atmosphere warm and well worth the trip. Showtime is 8 PM.

Special thanks to Phyllis for the STONE POETS
photos from Summers’ Best Music Fest in State College, PA 6/30/07

see ya!

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