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Relix/Notes From The Crossroads

October 19th, 2007

Hey Everybody…

The new album from Kris Kehr & Stone Poets, titled ‘NOTES FROM THE CROSSROADS’ will be available this coming December, but if you’d like to hear a few tracks from it you have a couple of options.

First off, there are 4 tracks from the impending release up for your perusal on our myspace page HERE – ‘Think About Everything‘, ‘Saturday‘, ‘A Long Time Ago‘ and ‘Your Dreamsare just 4 of the fifteen songs that make up the more than 60 minutes the whole album covers.

You can also find a finished track on the compilation CD included with the November issue of Relix Magazine on sale now.Sick and Tiredis the closest thing to a single on the new album, produced by yours truly with the able help of Bruce Seikmann at Amoeba Studios and Jack Hand at Quaivering Studios, both in Kutztown, PA.

But there are ten more songs that make up the whole album and you will be able to hear it all when we finish the mastering process and get it up for sale which happens in December of this year.

Here is the album cover designed by Ron Plummer.

Don’t forget to check out Acoustic Stone Poets at Otto’s Pub & Brewery in State College, PA this Saturday, October 20 at 9:30 PM…


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