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Hey Everybody…

Tonight, Saturday, November 17th the 4-piece Stone Poets (KK, Dr. Dave Mudgett, Rev. James Harton & JK) will be back at Otto’s Brew Pub in State College, PA….showtime 9PM…We’ve been playing once a month there for a little while now but next month’s performance on December 15 will be our last one there, at least for now. That show will include Matt Cullen on drums and percussion…Matt did an excellent job on the album and will be playing shows with us more and more…We’d love to be able to do that show as a record release album but unfortunately we won’t have the discs until December 17th. The record release parties will have to wait until Thursday, December 27 when we do it up proper at Zeno’s. There will also be one in Reading, PA around that time, but we are still working that out…I’ll get back to you on that one.

Until then, you will be able to get the new album, NOTES FROM THE CROSSROADS right here on the website starting December 17th, when they arrive on my doorstep. I’ll get them up on CD Baby soon after, as well.

The album is done, at least the fleshy part and we’re very happy with it. We finished the mastering process this past week with the able help of studio guy extraordinaire Frank Green in his studios at Digital Mastering in Nashville, TN. It goes to press this week.

One of the tracks, ‘Sick and Tired’ is available on the new Relix Magazine CD companion on newsstands now. (And when I say newsstands I mean Barnes and Noble. Borders has been doing a poor job of getting new issues up in any kind of time frame.) You can also listen to 5 of the tracks right now on MYSPACE. I put up ‘I Want To Go Home‘, ‘Something I Know‘, ‘Dear Stephanie‘ ‘It’s All Good’ and ‘Around This World as well as a live version of ‘Alaskan Fishing Boat Blues‘ from a recent show in Wellsville, NY.

There have also been a few notable additions to our website right here. First, Rev has put up a bunch of new tracks that can be downloaded. We’re calling it ‘Download Series Vol. 1′ and you can download it as one zip file or individual tracks. There is a variety of things up there, mostly from recent shows although there are a few tracks from our out-of-print album KRIS KEHR & STONE POETS (2001). There is an unreleased solo song that I wrote in Black Mountain called ‘Anger‘ that was recorded at the cabin earlier this year. There is a live dead tune called ‘Big Railroad Blues (Kehr/Burkey), a few things with Julie Edlow and the guys from Railroad Earth, a bunch of live STONE POETS tracks from our recent show at the Wellsville Creative Arts Center , plus a live track from me and Bill Stetz at a private show in Roaring Springs, PA this past summer (Thanks Pete and Beth)

There are also a whole bunch of new photographs up in the photo section of all places. We thank all of the photographers for letting us post them. We’ll soon have the links page together as well as a page devoted to the new album and the making/ordering there-of.

Until then, check out the new Relix (the one with Tool on the cover), visit our myspace page and download a few new things right here at

And if you’re looking for something good to read, check out the new book on Gram Parsons by author David Meyer called ‘Twenty Thousand Roads’. Not only a fascinating read, it explains why we do what we do.

Alright then…see ya tonight!

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