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February 14th, 2012

Now Available from Woobie Cat Records on Bandcamp:

-Kris Kehr – Long, Long Yearfinally available for download with 6 additional tracks.

-Kris Kehr & Stone Poets – Live at Crowbar (WCR 2001) – download only, full show from 3/8/1

-Kris Kehr & Stone Poets (WCR 2001) – download only, with an extra track

-Kris Kehr & Stone Poets – Notes from the Crossroads (WCR 2008) – free download with purchase of hard disc for $10, or just download for $5)

-Coming Soon: (all of these are in production and will be out in the next few weeks)

-LOWdOGS – In The Tall Grass

-Kris & Julie Kehr (Untitled) – this will include new live tracks, most of the stuff from the previous Live album plus studio tracks from the Wedding Album (digital only) and outtakes from the original Davies Sessions with the Recipe…fingers crossed, stay tuned…

-These albums are also now available in full on Last.FM as they are released – check out the Kris Kehr Last.FM page.


NO More First Tuesday Bluegrass jams at Stonersville!

-15/Thursday – Solo at the Stonersville Hotel/Birdsboro, PA – 8PM – Karin’s Birthday!

-17/Saturday – Garcia Grass – River Street Jazz Cafe/Plains, PA – 10:30PM

-23/Friday – SOLO – Manley’s/Johnson City, NY – 10PM

-30/Friday – SOLO – Hitching Post Bar & Restaurant/Reading, PA – 8PM

-31/Saturday – Pavlov’s Dawgs - Reunion Concert at Godfreys Daniels Coffeehouse/Bethlehem, PA


-21/Saturday – ACOUSTIC w Matt Cullen – Mikes Tavern/Reading, PA – 7:30PM

-28/Saturday – SOLO – Hitching Post Bar & Restaurant/Reading, PA – 8PM-


-09/Wednesday – Todd’s Birthday Jam at Dragonfly/West Reading, PA – tba

-11/Friday – Garcia GrassSpring Pickin’ Festival/Blaine Picnic Grounds/Blaine, PA – 7:30 to 9:30PM (opener- Hot Band Kazoo)

-12/Saturday – Pavlov’s Dawgs – LIVE on Bluegrass Crossroads/WXLV-Lehigh Valley – Listen Online – 10AM-1PM

-18/Friday – multi-instrumentalist/Hex Hollow RoundersSpring Blossom Festival/Kempton, PA – 4:30 to PM

-18/Friday – Garcia GrassSpring Blossom Festival/Kempton, PA – 10PM

-19/Saturday – Pavlov’s DawgsSpring Blossom Festival/Kempton, PA – 2:40-4:10PM

-19/Saturday – SOLO & Duo w/Julie Tweeners – Spring Blossom Festival/Kempton, PA – tba

-25/Friday – guitar & mando/Born Cross Eyed – Peppers/King of Prussia

-27/Sunday - Pavlov’s Dawgs at Mayfair/Allentown, PA – 2:10PM

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here's the new cover, available only at shows...

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