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November 13th, 2003

Greetings from North Carolina! Welcome to the newly updated website, thanks to my friend Rev. James Harton. I appreciate you stopping back in here and encourage you to poke around and see what’s new, because there’s plenty.

As you might have heard, the Recipe, with which I’ve been touring as multi-stringed instrumentalist for the last year and a half has decided to take a break after the release of our long-anticipated live album ‘All You Can Eat’ on Harmonized Records. It has been culled from performances through-out our spring/summer tour 2003 and includes two of my tunes, ‘Breaking Out’ and ‘Mountain Top Blues’ and is for sale here at our merch page.

That frees me up to concentrate fully on the new solo record I’ve been writing and recording for sporadically when time has permitted. But that is news for later- I’ve finally finished and released Early Spring Mix/Completely Organic in it’s complete form (with bonus cuts) the way I’ve always wanted it done. We had recorded a lot of stuff through the winter.. Dave would stop by on his way home and pick, JK would stop over in the afternoon to overdub, etc… It was a fun process that yielded wonderful results.

I’ve also completed a three volume live set of Stone Poets performances for any fans who might be interested. Underground/Volume One is from a series of regular Thursday night performances we used to do at The Phyrst, the most underground of bars in State College (hell, it was so underground there was rarely anybody there to see us play) and that is a testament to the band.. we just got together every week and played because we needed to for our own sanity and balance. I tossed a few mics up in the ceiling and ‘voila!’, volume one. I do appreciate those who WERE there, and I know there were because I still hear from them.. that time meant something to me, too. Volume two is the complete 3/8/1 show we did at Crowbar in State College.. it was originally given out as a promo during the Café 210 show featured on volume three but this version has all the songs from our second studio album that I hadn’t included at the time…it’s raw, right off the two-track DAT master. Volume Three concludes this mindset nicely with most of the Café 210 show and various oddities from the later Crowbar shows we did before disbanding…again, raw and off the board.

I’m beginning to book more and more live shows-check out the schedule page…I’ll be in State College thanksgiving week and will also be back at The County Seat up in Montrose Pa. Thanksgiving weekend. I will also be taking part in a Tribute to Johnny Cash at The Knitting Factory on Sunday the 30th. Here’s the press release…

Contact: Polina, Decay Music


On Sunday, November 30th a group of promoters, artists, musicians, and writers will hold a tribute show at the Knitting Factory in New York City to honor Johnny Cash–a man whose music touched all of us deeply.

In conjunction with The American Diabetes Association, the charity event will bring together a wide variety of artists and fans to celebrate his life and to benefit an organization fighting to end the disease that eventually killed Mr. Cash.

Bands and performers from many genres are coming together to make this a monumental show. The confirmed bands include Famous in Vegas (Philadelphia), ABC Bombers (Washington DC), Speed Crazy (NJ), Miss Debra and the Dynamites (NJ), Memphis Morticians (NYC), Satan’s Teardrops (Boston), Charm School with Mickey Lee (NYC), Psychocharger (NYC), Blind Pharoahs (NYC), Devil Spades (NYC) and “The Folsom Prisonaires” (members of Jet Black Machine, The Rockats, and Speed Crazy), and more.

Not only an artistic celebration, the tribute is sure to benefit all who gather to support such a worthy cause. It is already being promoted at shows, in mailers and online, and extensive coverage from radio, print e-media is expected. The event is fully sponsored by The American Diabetes Association and all contributions of money or time are tax-deductible.

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