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February 10th, 2009

Hey Everybody-

First off, The Manatawny Creek Ramblers gig at the Triumph Brewing Co. in Phila., PA for this Wednesday, February 11 has been canceled. This has been the third cancellation by a venue in a month and I’m not happy about it…I am certainly sorry for anyone who might have missed this notice and made it out to a gig that wasn’t there, but when a venue screws with you there’s not much a guy can do except let the people know and then bend over and take it….

In Good News, The MC Ramblers are just about finished producing the first studio album…it’s an EP, which means not quite as long as a full-length album but packing an equally artistic punch…as you may recall, we recorded a bunch of songs over a couple days at the Cabin in Telescope, PA early this past fall. The Marvelous Benjamin mixed the tracks at The Moonlight and things are getting mastered as I type/you read. Tentatively titled ‘Meet Me in the Moonlight’, it will be available by our spring run which includes stops at Kimballs in Williamsport (5/15) and The Wellsville Creative Arts Center in Wellsville, NY (5/16).

Here’s an outtake from the new album, our take on the Don Reno classic-
The Manatawny Creek Ramblers – Country Boy Rock & Roll.mp3

NOW, upcoming shows-

FRIDAY, February 13thThe Youngers/Stonersville Hotel9PM
-I’ll be playing a bunch of guitar & mandolin with the guys for this ACOUSTIC performance.

SUNDAY, February 15thKris Kehr /Zeno’s Pub/State College – 9PM
-I’m playing every Sunday now at Zeno’s with various guys from Stone Poets sitting in.

SATURDAY, February 21Kris Kehr/Ludwig’s Inn & Oyster Bar /Rts 401 & 100) Glenmore, PA – 8PM

SUNDAY, February 22Kris Kehr/Zeno’s Pub- 9PM

SATURDAY, February 28Kris Kehr/Porter’s Pub/Easton – 10PM


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