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Hey Everybody…

This coming Saturday me and the guys in Stone Poets will be opening the show for a great band Boris Garcia. Tim Carbone will also be there, playing with the headline act and us. Tim Carbone is the gifted fiddler from Railroad Earth as well as Phil Lesh & Friends. I’ve had the pleasure of playing with Tim a few times before, most notably with all the guys in the Shockenaw Mountain Boys (a more traditional bluegrass side-project of Railroad Earth) plus some sat in with Julie and I at Video Jeff’s party a few years back. Here is a recording from that day with myself & Julie with Tim Carbone/fiddle, John Skehan/mandolin, Andy Goessling/saxophone, Dave O’Donnell/banjo & Len Mooney/keyboards

Kris Kehr & Friends – Your Dreams denvillejam/2006.mp3
Kris Kehr & Friends – To The Sea denvillejam/2006.mp3
-both thanks to Grateful Todd & Video Jeff and a couple others

Those guys also sat in with LOWdOGS back in the day at the River Street Jazz Cafe (where I’ll be playing with Cabinet on April 3rd) That stuff was so much fun, and you bet I am looking forward to this Saturday. Rev, JK & Dr. Dave will also be there. You can get tickets HERE or at the door, show starts a little after 9PM.

Don’t forget I’ll be at Zeno’s with JK & Doc on Sunday, March 15th (and EVERY Sunday)

Next Friday, March 20th I’ll be back at Porter’s Pub in Easton, PA for a special show with Bill Stetz at 10PM.

Kris Kehr & Bill Stetz – In Tall Buildings balmat’slivingroom.mp3
Kris Kehr & Bill Stetz – Babe It Ain’t No Lie balmat’slivingroom.mp3
Kris Kehr & Bill Stetz – More Love balmat’slivingroom.mp3
-all recorded in a place with more love than any other place, the Balmats’ living room.

Many Thanks!

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