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April 10th, 2004

Hi everybody…

As many of you Recipe fans might have already heard, the band will be doing some shows starting in April. We won’t be touring as intensely as we have in the past so there will plenty of time for finishing our new studio album “JUBILEE” and various outside projects. We will be playing throughout the summer at various venues (mostly colleges and festivals) and there will definitely be a Recipe Family Cookout in late August. There is a new website at put together by our friends Helen and Keith that you should stop by and check out. It is still under construction but does include any official band dates as well as my dates and those of other band members and a whole bunch of other stuff. I will still continue to post my dates here at my own website and with the help of my tour manager/merch guy Jeff Shirley and a bunch of other really wonderful friends promise some cool new stuff on the horizon this spring and summer.

On February 22nd I opened for a great band called Stoney Creek at The River Street Jazz Café in Wilkes-Barre which you can now download for free at e-tree thanks to Durf and Bob.

You should soon see a new free download album here called The Cottage Hill Sessions complete with downloadable artwork. These are solo acoustic recordings of mostly songs from my first 2 albums that I made this past January…feel free to download the music and cover art and pass it around. In the meantime work is progressing on an as-of-yet untitled album of new material featuring some familiar guest appearances.

You can also listen to a radio appearance of mine on The Phil Stahl Show from December 3rd, 2003…there are a bunch of live and studio tracks played in their entirety plus interviews…

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